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collectively cute

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2/11/06 06:06 pm - aliceineternity


A woman in Winnsboro, Texas that has finally figured out she can't take care of 168 cockers. She is over run with cockers in every color but black.

Situation is desperate. Is there anyone willing to foster/addopt a dog? They are all under 4 years of age.

Please let Ellen know as soon as possible. We are trying to rescue on Thursday and Friday this week. We'll send to a vet and work with you on transporting. The dogs are weak but can travel, and for the weakest, we'll board/vet until they are well enough to travel.
Contact Ellen with DFW edcassatt@verizon.net

9/25/05 10:37 am - into_focus - HALLOWEEN IS KEEPING ME BUSY!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I also have silver angle wings available (same price!)

I personally think Tundra is going to be bat :o) !!!

8/16/05 02:17 pm - aliceineternity

Me again! I found more pictures!Collapse )

8/16/05 12:45 pm - aliceineternity

Hey guys! My name is Jessica, I'm 14 and I just joined the community! I am a big animal lover and I have 16 pets.
Some pics and a list of my petsCollapse )

8/15/05 06:14 pm - into_focus - Hi I'm new!

hi i'm maria and i just joined because of my baby Tundra. she's a one year old chihuahua who was given to me by a close friend who breeds chihuahuas. i adore her and spoil her and we all know how it goes! check her out on her ebay debut modeling off one of the items i designed and are now auctoning off.


8/13/05 02:08 pm - posthome - rufus

8/13/05 02:06 pm - kirkinthebarn - django

8/13/05 02:04 pm - discoplz - xiu xiu

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